GUIDE: *MMS* = Mutated Mutant Shotgun (BossDrop) *GB* = Gorebuster (Shop cash 8.5K)

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Written and Created By: (Zeus, a204)


'LVL (1-21) Use the wepons you get whenever you level up.. for lvl (1-12) upgrade wepon every (3-4) lvl's for ' lvl's (13-21) upgrade your wepons every (2-3) lvl's to have good effency. ***DO NOT USE WEPONS FROM BOSS DROPS OR SHOP***. When you reach lvl (22) purchase *GB* from the shop for ~$8K~ cash. use this wepon until you get to lvl 30 [So you can use all recorces on EPIC GEAR].


*GB* has x2-x3 more damage than *MMS* dispite what the stats say.

USING HUNTER (*GB* 400-600 DAM) (*MMS* 180-300 DAM).. The *MMS* might shoot x1.7-x1.9 faster than the *GB*, so it would be with each wepon shooting in the time of the *GB* (*GB* 536) (*MMS* ~~426~~) Plus the *GB* has more Range Power. so you can use (further away??).


LVL (1-20) Use the normal wepons you get from leveling up.. When you reach LVL 20 Create the Mutant Thigh Bone. After completing "Genetic Lab" and killing the mutated Labycore scientist. And hopefully Retriving this Weapons Skematic.. Cost to build it (1700 Bolts, 140 Heavy Metal, 35 Power Cells) You can use this weapon until you want to *waste* diamonds on another weapon between here and lvl 30