Powerplant is a short boss run that players may find themselves running over and over again. It features decent loot relative to it's length and difficulty and it one of the few areas of the game featuring robots. It also drops the Cyber Chip, a crafting material needed to make purple/epic armor pieces as well as weapons.

Location: Power Plant WestEdit



  • Key to Powerplant (does not have to be equipped)


First Floor: DAEMON + Red Spider MiteEdit


  • Pink: DAEMON
  • Red: Red Spider Mite

Tips for DAEMONEdit

  • Not much to say for this one. Have the BG tank, doctors heal and hunters spike energy and it should go smoothly.
  • Note*: The BG is hiding behind DAEMON in the below picture so it may be hard to see him tanking the damage.


Tips for Red Spider MiteEdit

  • If your BG has trouble tanking the damage, first try using a Force Field Shield (ffs).


  • If your party is still having trouble, then you might have to Kite. A suggested route for kiting is shown below.
  • The Red Arrows is the path for the BG to run, the Blue Circles is where the Hunters and Doctors should stand and stay for the duration of the battle.


Second Floor: Chief EngineerEdit


  • Red: Chief Engineer

Tips for Chief EngineerEdit

  • Make sure you stay a good distance away from the Chief Engineer if you are a Hunter or Doctor. This boss hits Area of Effect damage.

  • There will be additional monsters that appear while you are attacking the Chief Engineer. Try to stun them and kill them ASAP.

  • If your Hunters or Doctors cannot stun/kill the additional monsters fast enough and the BG is taking too much damage, then the BG should try using a Force Field Shield (ffs).
  • If this does not work, then the BG will have to KIte around the room. A suggested path for Kiting is shown below by the Red Arrows.
  • The Green Circle shows where the Hunters and Doctors will stand.

  • Good luck and happy hunting!