PirateBay-600px a part of Harbor Island designated as a Meeting Area. This is the location of the Pirate Bay Nightclub, where the Beta Key is used to grant access to exclusive content. This is also a PVP location for Levels 1 through 7, and home to the "Level 7 PVP" clan. This are is also the location where "dailies" (daily island missions) are picked-up.

Recommended XP LevelEdit



  • Alton Harvey - Foreman of Dawnbreak Harbor, will often provide missions.
  • Tollman - In charge of the Bridge.
  • Mews - Host of "Bay Brawl" PVP area.
  • Vladek - Holder of the Daily Island Missions.
  • Kaylee & River - Valkyrie Misson givers within the Night Club.
  • Bouncer - The club bouncer guarding the door to the Room of Awesomeness. You'll need a Beta Key to get in there.



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