Video Help:

Good Position for Killing Hector

There are several positions for killing Hector and with different group makeup - the above video was a successful attempt once we had died a couple of times attacking Hector until we had drawn out all the adds.

Killing the adds subsequently is easy - the comments within the link provide information on how to lure Hector to the correct spot for the kill.

Below are screenshots of videos containing different positions for successful kills - all created by Eudin - best BG ever :) but uploaded in a private group so I cannot share them here.

1. 1 doctor technique

One doc

2. Central positioning

Hector 2

3. Positioning further left with 1 doc situated at the bottom center of pic

Hector 3

The bottom 2 pictures are not very clear of the team but do give an idea of boss positions and you can roughly see where the other players are :)