There are some players who play solely for PVP, and have made the decision to optimize their gear (usually by buying it) and stop their character's progression at Level 7-10; the highest level permitted into the Low level PVP area found in Pirate Bay is currently level 10.

Buying Epic gear for this level is much less expensive than buying epic gear for higher levels, such as level 30 equipment generally found being used in the "Maze Pit" level 30 PVP pit.

Unfortunately, this means that entry level players with missions that require a few PVP kills, are sometimes facing epically geared opponents, while they themselves are only partially geared, typically in white gear.

Some of the players that do this, celebrate their position by putting "Lvl 7" in their character name. Since players can have a maximum of 5 characters, it's probably not a big deal to have one set aside for level 7 activities. Since, currently, there's a PVP advantage with the Doctor class, most people select that for their Level 7 character.

There are other pits in the game with level restrictions, and "lvl 7"-type gangs are starting to show-up in them too. Perhaps this is better than the level 7 group, just because normal players that find these pits have had more time with the game, and are better prepared for it. It doesn't currently seem to have a large following, but it IS growing.

As with the latest update of the Pirate Bay Pit area has been extended to include up to level 10. The level 7 pvp groups are now forced to level up to remain competitive.

  • Just as a side note be on the look out for (MODERATOR) a level 10 Body Guard class that likes to visit the area from time to time feel free to test him out if you catch him napping in the pit.