Labycore is a pharmaceutical supercorporation founded by Sid Lovens. This company rules most of Dawnbreak either directly or through various gangs whose loyalty it has bought with money, arms and W.U.Z.Z.

Word on the street is that Labycore may be responsible for the Zombie outbreak. They continue to deny these allegations.

After the invasion of the Zombies, the militaristic Labycore security personnel have made a strong appearance. However, if the Zombie release was planned as a way to permit Labycore troops to rule over Dawnbreak with an iron fist, then it would appear that Sid Lovens may have underestimated the scale of the invasion.

Labycore is losing much of their cohesiveness in some areas. Rumor has it that the Resistance has infiltrated their ranks, and are undermining their ability to control the populace, even as the Labycore troops focus on the Zombie threat.


Pearl Island


Steel Island

New World Island


Labycore personell is easy to tell apart from street thugs. They often wear heavy protective gear or are otherwise well dressed and equipped.

Notable membersEdit

Sid Lovens - Founder