Boss Abilities:Edit

  • Cleave: Melee range AOE.
  • Poison: Room-wide AOE, places a damage-over-time (DOT) debuff on players.

Suggested Group Build:Edit

  • 1x Bodyguard, 2x Hunter, 1x Doctor.
  • 1x Bodyguard, 1x Hunter, 2x Doctor.

The first is preferred, as it offers a higher damage-per-second (DPS) group. With a higher DPS, the fight will finish quicker, which is always preferred when attainable. However, the doctor would need to be geared to a certain extent. This fight is highly healing-intensive. If healing alone, the doctor would need at least the Rank 5 Group Heal and the Rank 10 Quick Heal, along with some range power. The range power boost to quick heal is needed to help stabalize the bodyguard's health between Group Heal casts. If the doctor is not geared enough, the second group will work.


  1. Clear the first three trash mobs in the room.
  2. Bodyguard begins the fight, tanking Akirun in the corner he's found.
  3. The other three stacks at range and attacks Akirun.

The bodyguard will have to dump his energy early, using all his skills. This is because the doctor will need to cast Group Heal on cooldown, to offset the damage from Akirun's poison. If necessary, the bodyguard should receive a spike or consume an energy drink to continue casting skills. This should ensure that Akirun remains focused on the bodyguard, and is not tempted to attack the doctor instead.

The hunters should communicate before hand to decide who spikes first. No matter the decision though, the majority of the spikes will need to go to the doctor, as this is a healing intensive encounter.