Everyone loves a Doctor for his ability to heal all wounds. The Doctor keeps the rest of the group going, and because of this he will always find a lot of friends.


Doctors are currently the only healing character class in the game. Doctors work at their best at distance as all of their weapon and healing skills are ranged. They wear small-sized (S) clothes and have the weakest armor which make them vulnerable if the enemy gets too close.

In a group, doctor's main task should be to take care of other players and deal additional damage if possible. As the AI in this case plays more disciplined than most human players, doctors are the most wanted mercenaries in boss encounters and harder group missions.


  • Knockdown - deals damage and stuns the target.
  • Quick Heal - heals a target ally for X amount, with 6 additional ticks healing Y amount.
  • Group Heal - strong heal that costs lots of energy, potentially drawing aggro away from tank.
  • Poison Shot - deals damage over time.
  • Doctor's Shield - buffs the doctor's armor by 400% for X seconds.
  • Sonic Boom - small radius ranged AOE stun on target for X seconds.

Bonus Effect FormulasEdit

While it's been generally known that Melee and Ranged bonuses affect healing skills, the following formulas are a result of testing by a Gunshine forum member named "Mickie": the original posting is here

Level 30 Doc with maxed out Group Heal:

GROUP HEAL = 0.2*(Total Melee Power) + 891

Level 30 Doc with maxed out Quick Heal:

QUICK HEAL = 0.1613*(Total Ranged Power) + 172.57

Note: Unlike Group heal which is fixed, there is some small deviation (a random factor) in the quick heals. You will notice it as you play - its not always exact quick heal value for the RP that you have, but rather an insignificant deviation of 1~2 points from the empirical formula above. This is evident from the decimals (0.1613 , 172.57) which indicate random deviation.