The Crafting Bot shop

Crafting is a system that allows players to create items from special ingredients by using a Crafting Bot.

The Crafting Bot is no longer visible as a following character, but per the Game Developers will possibly return in a visible format in a later update. Anyone who purchased one of the more expensive varieties of Crafting Bot is currently experiencing reduced Crafting times.

Almost any item in the game; gear, weapons, all skills, and even Special Items, can be crafted. Pressing the "C" button will cause your crafting menu to open.

The lists on items in your crafting menu represent "plans" or blueprints for the various items you are currently able to craft.


Example Crafting Plans

Each item gives you a list of the materials required to craft it, plus the amount of time needed to do so, and level required to use it.

Holding the mouse over the item will give you a list of "values" that the item might hold, such as resale value for the item, or various bonuses which may boost your character's abilities.

To obtain more plans, you are encouraged to visit the Store (Press "S" to visit the store), the last Tab holds "Plans" availible to you at your level. You will also get additional plans when you level up. Bosses drop plans as well, typically Blue and Purple gear, which are generally the best plans for the best items.

Once you have chosen a plan to craft, you need to determine if you have enough components for it. Typically, the components can be gained doing missions at your level (most notably, the island and boss missions). You can also find components within some Treasure Boxes, dropped from dead NPC's, and in crates. You can also give and receive "free" items through free gifts with your Facebook friends that are also playing this game. The Gunshine Forums have a few threads dedicated to finding more facebook friends.

Following is a list of the components that are currently used in the game. The color denotes the Quality and Tier of the components.

  • Fabric
  • Bolts
  • Armor Plates
  • Heavy Metal
  • Power Cells
  • Nanobots
  • Flaming Heart
  • Cyber Chips
  • Dragon Scales
  • Riot Plates
  • Raider Tech

Purple components drop from their corresponding boss and Power Cells are acquired mainly from island missions and as gifts from Facebook friends. Armor Plates and Heavy Metal are dropped frequently by enemies after Level 12 at which point they can also be gifted while Nanobots are dropped occasionally by enemies from Level 26 and up.

NOTE: Nanobots can't be gifted at the moment.