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Character Classes of Zombies Online

Typically all playable classes within many roleplaying games can be divided into three main categories tanks, healers and damage dealers (also known as dps'ers). Gunshine is no different.

In there are currently three character classes to choose from:


"Bodyguards are extremely durable and fierce melee fighters. The Bodyguard taunts all enemies to attack him, allowing the rest of the group to work in peace."

Bodyguards are close-combat fighters and fill the role of primary tank, as they are able to both withstand and inflict damage. They wear large-sized (L) clothes which have more armor than small-sized (S) clothes. They also have higher base stat for armor than other classes. They are the only class in the game that can contribute strong melee weapon damage, thanks to their versatile melee skills.

In a group bodyguards should acquire and maintain the enemy's attention (aggro) on themselves. Bodyguard's skills (only class with "Taunt") generate the most threat from all the classes, keeping aggro off other characters.

(For more info regarding skill/duties/abilities for this class, please see the Bodyguard page.)


"Everyone loves a Doctor for his ability to heal all wounds. The Doctor keeps the rest of the group going, and because of this he will always find a lot of friends."

Doctors are currently the only healing class in the game. Doctors work at their best at distance as all of their weapon- and healing skills are ranged. They wear small-sized (S) clothes and have the weakest armor which make them vulnerable if the enemy gets too close.

In a group, doctor's main task should be to take care of other players and deal additional damage if possible. As the AI in this case plays more diciplined than most human players, doctors are the most wanted mercenaries in boss encounters and harder group missions.

(For more info regarding skill/duties/abilities for this class, please see the Doctor page.)


"Hunters prefer to stay back and deal massive damage with all firearms. They can also knock down and slow enemies, making them useful in all situations."

Hunters are the main damage dealing class in the game and they specialize in ranged combat skills. They can also learn versatile crowd control abilities. They use small-sized (S) clothes but have better base armor stats to doctor which make them more durable.

In a group, their main task is to deal massive damage to the target. Their armor is too weak for off-tanking bosses but they can aggro most adds in the boss encounters. Hunters are the most popular class in Zombies Online.

(For more info regarding skill/duties/abilities for this class, please see the Hunter page.)